an Embassy to the Holy See donates a Work of Art to the Holy Father

Rome, 21/05/2019

What does the handover of an important work of art to the Pope mean for a country accredited to the Holy See?
What is the motivation and what do the whole People expect?
How to organise such an important Ceremony in the best possible way?

H. E. Mr. Jose ÁLVAREZ PALACIO, Ambassador of Ecuador to the Holy See, tells us about it. On May 15, 2019 he celebrated the handover of the wonderful mosaic ‘Entronización de la Virgen del Quinche’ to the Vatican City. A historic event for Ecuador, taking place in the wonderful Vatican Gardens before His Eminence Cardinal BERTELLO and the whole Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See.

The Ambassador’s words – extract

“For the Catholic People of Ecuador and the National Government, this is a moment of great joy, because the Embassy of Ecuador to the Holy See and the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference have achieved one of their goals.
The Ecuadorian People believe in the Virgin Mary and have witnessed important Marian donations from Latin America to the magnificent Vatican City Gardens. Through the Embassy of Ecuador to the Holy See, the Ecuadorian people ordered to design and create a mosaic representing the evocation of the Virgin of El Quinche, Patron Saint and Queen of our Country. The gesture helps the Ecuadorian People to get even closer to the Holy Father, who visited the Sanctuary of the Virgin of El Quinche during His Pastoral visit in 2015.
Therefore, we leave a legacy of the art of generosity and gratitude by the Ecuadorian people and we take a vow for the excellent relations between the Holy See and Ecuador to always promote well-being and progress for our People, who are Catholic and fervently Marian.
The Embassy of Ecuador to the Holy See thanks everyone who contributed to the creation of this work of art and is proud of having it successfully completed.”

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Easy Diplomacy was appointed by the Head of Mission to organise the event in synergy with the Embassy Staff for a ‘turnkey’ service. Dedicated consultancy from the planning phase to the conclusion of the event and a single contact person who, as usual, coordinated the various suppliers for efficient and effective management of the ceremony.

They say about us

I thank the Easy Diplomacy Team for their professionalism, from consultancy to continuous assistance provided to our whole Embassy. Everything is coordinated with great passion and energy for successful results“.

H. E. Mr. José Álvarez Palacio, Ambassador of Ecuador to the Holy See

His Excellency Álvarez Palacio has thus achieved an important goal, and not even the heavy rain, the ‘lluvia’, was able to affect the end result, unmistakably shown by the numerous and warm messages left in the Embassy’s signature Guest book.

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