Apartments and Villas for rent in Rome for Diplomats

Are you a Diplomat recently arrived in Rome and are looking for a house for rent? Apartment or villa?

The property you are looking for must definitely have specific and indispensable characteristics such as security, logistics and representation. A lounge suitable for receptions, with panoramic view, balconies or terrace, alternatively a groundfloor with garden.

EDRE presents a large portfolio of prestigious apartments and villas for rent in Rome for Diplomats, furnished and unfurnished, with terrace and parking space, with garden and swimming pool, luxury houses, buildings and offices in Rome Parioli, Pinciano, Prati, Centro Storico, Aventino, Cassia, Vigna Clara, Camilluccia.

Our apartments have already been rented out to Diplomats and Officials of International Organizations.

How does the contract work? Are you worried about the bureaucracy?

Often many property negotiations fail because Italian contracts differ significantly from those of the Officials’ country.

Terms such as diplomatic clause or immunity are intimidating for landlords who are not aware of the advantages of renting to diplomats.

EDRE, with ten-years of experience in this sector, is able to translate these needs for both parties and therefore to successfully close the deal.

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Some of our case histories

  • Residences of Diplomats: Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Embassy of Sweden, Embassy of Switzerland, Embassy of Chile, Embassy of Costa Rica to the Holy See, Embassy of Zambia, Embassy of Peru, Embassy of Malaysia to the Holy See, Embassy of Argentina, Embassy of Iraq, Embassy of South Africa.

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Some photos of our properties

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