Allied with the Countries to facilitate their Recovery and Growth

Tourism as an engine driving the recovery of the local economy after the unprecedented crisis of Covid-19.
Easy Diplomacy – by fully embracing the principles set forth by the UN and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) – has elaborated a format to provide countries in need with tools and hope to overcome the economic crisis faster. A new integrated model of assistance and consultancy, which acts as an accelerator for the definition of the new tourist positioning.

«Tourism can be a force for good in our world, playing a part in protecting our planet and its biodiversity, and celebrating what makes us human: from discovering new places and cultures to connecting with new people and experiences».

Antonio GuterrANTÓNIO GUTERRES, UN Secretary-General

The OECD analysis (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) indicates that a high proportion of jobs in the tourism industry is at risk in many European destinations.
The same goes for other countries whose main vocation is tourism. They have been forced to face an estimated drop by 70-90% in turnover for at least a year (source: UNWTO)
When the time comes to relaunch the industry, these countries will struggle to receive and host foreign visitors again. 
That is why immediate intervention and concrete actions on a number of fronts are required to lay the ground for a reshaped and reorganized tourism offer.

Rethinking tourism and creating new opportunities for local development

We engage in complex internationalization projects aiming at creating a new identity for the country as a new, safe, welcoming place, and inspiring tourist destination.  
Multi-level and multi-platform communication shall be paramount to reach the medium and long-term objectives.
New tourist flows will be reactivated thanks to the collaboration between Easy Diplomacy, the Diplomatic World, and private tour operators. As a result, new local development opportunities are going to be created, along with unquestionable economic and social benefits.

Our projects are designed to overcome the deep crisis triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic because they turn the UN principles for relaunching tourism into reality.

UN priorities for tourism recovery

The UN document “Priorities for Tourism Recovery lays down the following principles among its guidelines:

  • Provide liquidity and protect jobs;
  • Recover confidence through safety & security;
  • Public-private collaboration for an efficient reopening;
  • Added value jobs through new technologies;
  • Innovation and Sustainability as the new normal for tourism;

United vision and public-private partnership

To achieve these results, the UN and UNWTO have redefined the role of DMOs (Destination Management Organizations) as «organizations leading and coordinating multiple actors who are going to create cultural, strategic and organizational conditions fostering tourist destination development.»
Various other documents issued by national and international organizations clearly state, moreover, that (re)creating successful post-pandemic destinations requires overcoming the limitations of a fragmented vision on the complex system for tourism promotion & hospitality management. 

A united and integrated approach must be prioritized. This approach enables the definition of general and unambiguous strategies that can be managed individually at the local level.

That is why our internationalization projects focus on the reorientation of tourists’ choices and new priorities arising in terms of safety, leisure, and serenity of tourist experience.

The importance of Trust

In the near-future scenario, the trust in tourist service providers will be crucial, as guarantors of the safety and security of the tourist destination. 

For this reason, Easy Diplomacy aims for a partnership with Embassies and Consulates. As the major providers of protection in a foreign land, they are called to act immediately by taking necessary and courageous decisions.  

The result is the great value of Easy Diplomacy’s proposal to act as a Consultant and Project Management with a vision for the future and the ability to identify the new tourists now.

The main Features of Easy Diplomacy Projects

  • Sustainable and Fair Tourism through the creation of original and safe routes to discover untapped treasures by fully engaging local communities;
  • Helping and Supporting the local tourism sector (also through communication) to build or maintain a deep connection with potential tourists; 
  • Creating a New Destination Image; 
  • Sharing the idea of a Safe Destination, by removing any concerns about the safety of the places to be visited; 
  • Raising the New Tourists’ Awareness of their Central Role, because their choices offer development and prosperity opportunities for the local population;
  • Developing the potential and opportunities offered by Religious Tourism both in terms of socio-economic growth as well as Image, environmental sustainability and mutual understanding;
  • Promoting the Indigenous Tourism, that enhances and safeguards the authenticity of the destination, by differentiating it from other destinations.

How we achieve our Goals

  1. LISTENING STAGE. Identifying the foreign country’s needs and the goals to be achieved. Analysis of the history of actions taken, and review of useful documentation. Creation of the Working Group.
  2. ANALYSIS STAGE. Study of the country’s tourist market (SWOT analysis) to identify untapped potential in tourist attractions. The country’s international tourism demand shall be analyzed to identify common values, ‘keywords’, and the main stakeholders to be involved. First concept elaboration of the ‘Easy Diplomacy Packet’.
  3. FAM TRIP. A trip to verify and understand the destination’s potential directly, jointly with individual stakeholders. The goal is to define a detailed tourist experience.
  4. CREATION OF THE ‘EASY DIPLOMACY PACKET PLUS’. It is the final product to be sold. This stage provides an estimate of the tourist flows forecasted by the Tour Operators involved.
  5. ADVANCED TRAINING. Easy Diplomacy will carry out specific advanced training programs for the local operators involved to overcome social, economic, and cultural barriers.
  6. SPECIAL PROJECTS. Creation of initiatives and large events to launch the destination and the new offer.
  7. TEMPORARY MANAGEMENT. It is the last stage, consisting in the direction of complex projects for a specified period. At the end of the established period, the transfer of skills and knowledge will take place. At this stage, the receiving body will have all the necessary tools to continue the action undertaken.

The advantages of the Easy Diplomacy Model

  • Create conditions for faster economic and social recovery;
  • Innovative proposal in line with new post-pandemic scenarios;
  • Build sustainable and regenerating tourist experiences creating new sources for the prosperity of the population concerned;
  • Primary role for the Embassies, which gain visibility and acquire a central role in decision making;
  • Exclusive high-level institutional experiences and private meetings;
  • Selection, training, and coordination of local operators;
  • Share the ‘Packet Plus’ through the country’s international diplomatic network.

Please book an appointment with us: we will show you our vision and idea for country development in full detail.

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