The Tailored Service for the Diplomatic World

Easy Diplomacy provides a Top Level service developed in order to offer solutions for all the organizational aspects and activities related to a Delegation visit, from arrival to departure. The aim is to support the Diplomatic Corps and the Staff of the Embassy to manage one of the most important and ‘delicate’ activities related to the Official and State Visits in Rome, and all over Italy.

Our Services

  • Hotel
  • Limousine Service
  • Security
  • Mobile and Tablet Leasing
  • Restaurants
  • Intepreters and Translators
  • Tourist Guides
  • Press Office
  • Jets and Helicopters
  • Armored Cars
  • Protocol Consultancy
  • PR Activity with stakeholders and institutions

Our added value

  • a VIP Customer Service according to the Protocol rules: airport pick-up service, dedicated welcome, dress code, Presidential procession, mise en place
  • the best service and always within the Embassy’s budget
  • the secure and regular execution of the Delegation’s agenda
  • facilitation of the bureaucracy and administrative operations in the relations with all service providers

All this is possible today thanks to the network of trusted developed service providers, by stipulating the exclusive ‘Easy Diplomacy agreements’ reserved for our users from the Diplomatic World.

Last but not least, the most important added value of our premium service is the communication with only one interlocutor ready to support the Embassy from the beginning to the end of the process and to provide you an efficient service.

“I managed State and Official Visits for quite a number of Delegations. The most emotional experience were the funerals of Pope John Paul II. The entire world was in Rome, hundreds of countries represented by the Highest Titles of each state. It has been a unique experience that taught me a lot. The first of many others that followed.
I know the importance and the necessity of a perfect implementation of the programme and so I created a really tailor-made service. The needs of a Delegation go far beyond the reservation of a single service. All services must be coordinated according to the programme details and everything must work perfectly in sync. Mistakes are not allowed, any issue must be prevented and solved. That is why hands-on experience and the knowledge of the Ceremonial are essential and valuable. Easy Diplomacy has taken up the challenge!”

Eloisa Piermaria
CEO & Founder

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