From Mandela and Wojtyla to the first Embassy of South Africa to the Holy See

Rome, 30/05/2019 What are the first challenges for a new Diplomatic Representation?And what are those for South Africa to the Holy See? 25 years ago Nelson Mandela and Pope Wojtyla started diplomatic relations. Today [...]

Easy Together: Diplomacy at the table with the right setting

Rome, 29/04/2019Did you notice that the various catering services offer Embassies always the same set-ups and formats, without conveying the real tradition of the country? How important is tradition to strengthen relations and communicate a [...]

Happy Birthday Amerigo Vespucci, the most beautiful Ship in the World!

Rome, 07/03/2019: on February 22th, the Amerigo Vespucci School-Ship officially turned 88, still provoking admiration in anybody and confirming itself once again to be “the most beautiful Ship in the world” as well as the oldest [...]

At Carnival anything goes: the Italian tradition and Easy Diplomacy best wishes

Rome, 28/02/2019: Carnival is a festivity that everyone loves, maybe because you dress up, or because you are going to meet the spring or maybe because throughout Italy there is a spirit of festiveness, [...]