How to sell your house in Rome effectively

Three are the main reasons why an owner decides to sell his prestigious property and wants to make a good deal:

  • selling at the best price (starting from luxury property valuation)
  • in a reasonable time frame
  • having a trustworthy real estate consultant who works with the professionalism and confidentiality required and is committed to closing the sale within expectations.

How to do a luxury property valuation

Luxury Property valuation starts first of all with the analysis.

During the visit, the Consultant must ‘take photos’ of the property from every angle to understand its condition and all the factors that will determine its final market price: the area (one of the most relevant factors), the dimensions, the characteristics of the property, etc.

The luxury market clearly enjoys exclusive features that increase the value of the property: prestigious locations, privileged views, sophisticated furnishings and details. Luxury houses, indeed, depreciate much more slowly than traditional properties. That’s why a good luxury property valuation plays a decisive role in making a good deal.

Afterwards, an analysis of the documents will be carried out.

All these elements will lead to a realistic valuation and establish the value at which your property will be promoted and sold on the market.

The owner will be given a complete record of the analysis and work carried out, a fair and clear overview to help convince them of their final decision.

Luxury property valuation

How long does it take to sell a house in Rome? Which factors matter most?

There are several factors that may affect the time needed to sell a property in Rome. Certainly, the area of the city is the most decisive element. It is not by chance that it is the first key search criteria for home buyers.

In Rome, the most prestigious areas where you can find luxury apartments, buildings and offices are Parioli, Pinciano, Prati, Quartiere Trieste, the historical City Centre, in particular Aventino, near the FAO, and the Terme di Caracalla.

Camilluccia, as well as Vigna Clara, Olgiata or Grottarossa, are instead positioned as the favourite areas for those looking for a villa as a residence, or an apartment in a complex, surrounded by green areas, with gardens and swimming pools, ideally close to international schools for their children.

How long is the average selling time with real estate agencies? Which services are included?

If the owner has not already gained extensive experience in buying, selling and investing in properties in Rome, choosing a professional is essential to make a good deal. Especially when it comes to luxury properties.

A good Real Estate Consultant will be able to answer all your questions and provide you with fair and clear information about the price and potential of the property. A Trustworthy Agent will accompany you through the entire selling process, which includes a whole series of bureaucratic formalities, authorizations and certifications required to successfully close the deal. The Consultant will assist you up to the signing of the Notary Deed.

A professional assignment can last between 6 and 12 months on average.
Obviously, some deals may take longer, but we can say that a good agent can make you sell the property realistically within a few months. During this time, he will promote your prestigious property to an appropriate clientele.

How much does it cost to sell a house with a real estate agency?

For all these services, the real estate agency normally asks for a commission ranging between 3% and 4% of the sale price of the property.

The commission will be due when the owner accepts a purchase proposal or signs a preliminary purchase contract.

Why entrust EDRE with the sale of your property

Alessandro Ghirelli

EDRE offers both brokerage and property consultancy. In particular, it deals with international and high-profile clients. EDRE benefits from the long experience in the Diplomatic and International World for the purchase, sale and rental of properties for Representative Offices, Chancery or Consulate, or Residential use for Ambassadors and Diplomatis.

Reliability, Confidentiality, Professionalism are EDRE’s Values to meet any needs of exclusive nature.

Our office is in via Donatello 79, on the Lungotevere Flaminio, a few steps away from the most prestigious areas of Rome.

Book now an appointment with the Real Estate Manager Alessandro Ghirelli.

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