Effective support for the Diplomatic World and for Companies

Easy Diplomacy delivers training on Protocol and Ceremonial, to the Diplomatic Corps and to the Secretarial Staff of Embassies, Institutional Offices and Companies.

Improving the quality of public relations and the ability to address professionals and authorities are the basic principles that are now necessary for both institutions and companies. They lay the basis for a positive dialogue facilitating any aspect of diplomatic and professional relations, from stipulating memorandum of understanding and commercial agreements, managing international and customer relations, to promoting a country’s image and protecting the reputation of a trademark.

Objective of the courses: to cooperate with Embassies, Consulates, Companies, associations and the public administration to manage social and work relations, to train employees and to organize high-profile and diplomatic events.

In order to achieve this aim, Easy Diplomacy counts on the support of experts in national, international, vatican, public and private protocol, with long experience in institutional field and companies.

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