1. General Rules

1.1 These Terms of use regulate the provision of services provided by the Website //easydiplomacy.com (“Website” or “Platform” or “Portal”) by Easy Embassy S.r.l., with registered office in Via Donatello 79, Rome, VAT no. 11272541001, email: info@easydiplomacy.com. By using or accessing the Website, you accept these Terms.

1.2 Easy Diplomacy offers a series of functions and services for users and advertisers through its Website, which are described below and/or on the Website.

1.3 In the event of a dispute and/or discrepancy between these Terms and the information given on the Website, the terms provided herein shall prevail unless specified otherwise.

2. Services for all users

2.1 Some content, hereby including news items (“News”), can be accessed by any user who accesses the Website.

2.2 Certain content and services (including, but not limited to: notice boards, newsletter service, broadcast service) are only available to registered users (or “members”).

3. User Registration

3.1 Registration as a “user” can only be undertaken by individuals who work in the diplomatic sector and whose work can be benefitted by Easy Diplomacy services. For example, the following categories of professionals can register to the Website: Diplomatic Officials (Ambassador, Minister, Consulate, Secretary General, etc.); Consular Officials (Administrative, Commercial, Consular Affairs, etc.) and honorary officials; Military Experts; Cultural Experts; technical and administrative staff (officially appointed to the role by the respective Foreign Ministry); local employees(Secretary, Administrative Officer/Accountant, Culture/Politics Office, Press Office, Consular Office, Commercial Office, Military Office, Translators/Interpreters); Diplomats and administrative staff of the following offices: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vatican, Presidential Palace (Quirinale), Culture Institutes, Chamber of Commerce.

3.2 Registration is undertaken by providing some personal details to Easy Diplomacy through its Website (including, but not limited to: name, surname, mission or representation, office or role). This data will be processed in full compliance with the applicable personal data protection regulations, as set out in the information notice available on the Website.

3.3 The user authorises Easy Diplomacy to perform any required verifications to confirm his/her identity and connection to the diplomatic sector pursuant to paragraph 1 of this Article, given that said connection constitutes a fundamental requirement for registering as a registered user. The user accepts that such verification is usually conducted by Easy Diplomacy via telephone to the office indicated on the registration application.

3.4 The application to register on the Website is evaluated by Easy Diplomacy, which will activate the account if it feels that all the aforementioned requirements have been met, with particular reference to the provisions set out in paragraph 1 of this Article.

3.5 Upon registration and for the duration of effect of said registration, the user undertakes to:

a) not provide false or incorrect personal information to Easy Diplomacy

b) not create an account on behalf of another person without authorisation

c) not create more than one personal profile

d) not create another account without the authorisation of Easy Diplomacy if the original account is deactivated;

3.6 At any time, each registered user can request the immediate deletion of all data communicated to Easy Diplomacy. This deletion will usually be undertaken with two (2) working days and, in any case, within no more than fifteen (15) working days. The user will usually receive confirmation of successful deletion of the data via email.

4. Services for registered users only

4.1 Easy Diplomacy renders certain services which focus on the needs of persons working in the diplomatic sector available to registered users only. These services may be outlined in these Terms and/or on the Website.

4.2 For example, the following services are reserved for registered users only:

a) NEWSLETTER: the newsletter guarantees regular information on news items, new published content, cultural events and promotions, sales and marketing items. Registered users can choose whether or not to receive it. This is optional and does not affect his/her registration in any way.

b) BROADCAST, the new free WAPP information service combined with the mobile number of Easy Diplomacy

c) NOTICE BOARD: the notice board is reserved for Easy Diplomacy members who are registered to the portal and allows them to post their notices and read notices published by other Representations or by Easy Diplomacy staff, including, but not limited to: publication Curriculum Vitae; sale/purchase of vehicles with diplomatic number plates; cultural events organised by various Diplomatic and Consular Representations. Registered users have access to all notices published and can also publish one or more notices based on the following terms of use.


  • Sharing your account with other users or transferring it, even temporarily, to other persons. The user account is personal and must be used as such
  • Publishing political propaganda: the notice board cannot be used for advertising political parties or personalities
  • Posting sales promotions for third party companies
  • Entering messages containing electronic links of a business nature to ensure that notices do not become a window of propaganda for the business activities present on the internet
  • Posting ads about properties:  Easy Diplomacy offers a specific dedicated real estate service (in case of interest or for more information please contact the staff )


There is a passive form of moderation active on this notice board: as a result, any notices written by users become immediately public and the content is not pre-emptively screened by the administration; however, for improved management of the notice board and notices, said administration can intervene and modify the content of a notice or delete it if it does not respect the rules set out in the regulations.

Authors of notices assume full liability for the content entered and made public on the notice board, along with all due consequences. The portal administration can intervene, upon notification, to make messages with content that is in breach of these regulations or the laws in force no longer visible.

5. Access to advertisers

5.1 Access as an “advertiser” can only be made by companies or professionals who intend to offer products and/or services to the diplomatic sector and who have sales agreements with Easy Diplomacy. The requisites for being considered an “advertiser” on Easy Diplomacy can vary based on the type of products and/or services of reference in the cases indicated in this Article and/or on the Website.

5.2 Registration is undertaken by providing some information to Easy Diplomacy (including, but not limited to: name/company name, name and surname of legal representative, registered office, VAT number, description of services offered). This data will be processed in full compliance with the applicable personal data protection regulations, as set out in the information notice available on the Website.

5.3 The advertiser authorises Easy Diplomacy to undertake the required verifications to confirm the professionalism and honourableness of the requests for advertising its products and/or services on the Portal. These verifications may involve, for example, inspections at the place of work (where applicable) and a request for company curricula which confirm the experience matured in the diplomatic sector and documentation attesting to the quality of the services offered.

5.4 The advertiser undertakes to:

a) not provide false or incorrect personal information to Easy Diplomacy

b) not create an account on behalf of another individual or company without authorisation

c) not create more than one personal or company profile

6. Authentication credentials

6.1. The User must conserve his or her authentication credentials with diligence and assumes all liability for said conservation. The User agrees to refrain from disclosing or communicating the aforementioned credentials to third parties.

7. Intellectual property of Easy Diplomacy

7.1. All the rights of the Website, including all its parts and content (hereby including, but not limited to: texts, images, audiovisual components, applets, scripts, software), are the exclusive property of Easy Diplomacy, unless expressly excluded in this regard. Any form of use of any part and/or component of the Website that has not been pre-emptively authorised by Easy Diplomacy is strictly prohibited.

7.2 The use of registered trademarks and/or trademarks used by Easy Diplomacy (including Easy Diplomacy and the Easy Diplomacy logo), and similar symbols which may cause confusion, is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Easy Diplomacy.

8. Intellectual property of users and advertisers

8.1 Each registered user and advertiser is the owner of all content, images and/or photos and information that they publish on Easy Diplomacy themselves (including, but not limited to, any notices/advertisements published), even if the online publication or entry is mediated and/or verified by Easy Diplomacy, and he or she assumes all liability for such content, images and/or photos and information.

8.2 With regard to the aforementioned content, images and information, each registered user or advertiser grants Easy Diplomacy a non-exclusive and transferable licence which can be granted as a sub-licence, free from royalties and valid worldwide, which allows the use of any content or information published on Easy Diplomacy or in connection with Easy Diplomacy (“Licence”). This Licence terminates when the user removes such content or information or in the cases set out in the paragraph below.

8.3. Each registered user and advertiser recognises the right of Easy Diplomacy to remove the content and information at any time.

9. Obligations and prohibitions

9.1 Each registered user must inform Easy Diplomacy, without delay, of his or her termination of work in the diplomatic sector pursuant to Article 3, paragraph 1, of these Terms: in fact, the user explicitly accepts that the status of “registered user” and all elements thereof (including, but not limited to: access to exclusive content, notice board, discounts), is only reserved to persons working in the diplomatic sector pursuant to Article 3, paragraph 1, of these Terms.

9.2 It is strictly prohibited to:

a) send sales communications that are unauthorised or outside the scope set out in these Terms and/or on the Website to other users on Easy Diplomacy.

b) copy, even partially, any content owned by Easy Diplomacy and/or other users and/or advertisers, and access Easy Diplomacy using automated instruments (such as bot collection, robots, spiders) without the authorisation of Easy Diplomacy.

c) denigrate, intimidate and/or bother other users

d) use Easy Diplomacy for unlawful, misleading, malicious or discriminatory purposes

10. Special regulations applicable to advertisers

10.1 Advertisers are responsible for their own offers of products and/or services and the way in which they use the Portal, within the limits established by Easy Diplomacy.

10.2 The advertisements, notices and any other content must be worded in a clear, fair and transparent manner, and must always provide the identification details of the advertiser, guaranteeing that registered users can contact said advertiser in a simple way and without formalities. The size, placement and relative elements of each notice, advertisement or any other related element are established by Easy Diplomacy, which will attempt, wherever possible, to respect and meet the needs of the various advertisers.

10.3 Each advertiser accepts that each advertisement, notice or any other content posted and/or submitted by them for publication will be pre-emptively evaluated by Easy Diplomacy. Failure to publish advertisements, notices or any other content cannot be considered a default of Easy Diplomacy and each advertiser accepts that they shall have nothing to claim of any nature from Easy Diplomacy in this regard.

11. Guarantee

11.1 Easy Diplomacy does not give any guarantees for the services provided and any aspect thereof. For example, the following elements are not guaranteed: uptimes on the Website; loss of data; publication of advertisements and/or content; failed storage and/or memorisation of data.

11.2 The advertisers warrant that, if processing of personal data is required, the user data will be processed with a guaranteed level of protection that is not inferior to the level guaranteed by Easy Diplomacy and always in full accordance with the applicable laws.

11.3 The advertisers warrant that they will undertake the activities advertised with the due professional diligence.

12. Modifications

12.1. Any modification to and/or waiver of these Terms must be made in writing by Easy Diplomacy.

12.2 These Terms can be modified at any time by Easy Diplomacy, as can all other conditions that regulate its relationship with users and advertisers. Modifications will take effect within twenty (20) days from publication on the Website, without prejudice to the possibility of terminating the agreement.

13. Privacy

13.1 User privacy is very important to Easy Diplomacy. We would invite users to read the privacy policy and use it to make their informed decisions.

13.2 Easy Diplomacy will not give advertisers any information or content of users without their prior consent.

14. Security

14.1. Easy Diplomacy undertakes to guarantee the security of its users and advertisers. To this end, it reserves all and every right of monitoring content, of any type, that registered users and/or advertisers request to be posted on the Website. This monitoring is undertaken based on the documentation submitted, via any means, to Easy Diplomacy leggi l’articolo.

14.2 Easy Diplomacy does not provide, nor can it provide, guarantees on the conduct of registered users and advertisers. If a registered user or an advertiser feels it has suffered damages in relation to services offered through the Website or if they come to know of conduct which is in breach of applicable laws and/or these Terms, they can inform Easy Diplomacy without delay so that the appropriate checks can be carried out and, if necessary, the appropriate measures can be taken by Easy Diplomacy, including, but not limited to, the suspension and/or removal of the account; it being understood that Easy Diplomacy is in no way obliged to monitor and/or provide surveillance and/or guarantees as a result of such notification.

15. Suspension of the account and publication of content

15.1 Easy Diplomacy reserves the right to suspend the user account and/or publication of one or more posted content elements in the event of a breach, even potential, of these Terms, of the information provided on the Website and/or of the applicable laws, without such action being considered a breach of this agreement.

16. Suspension of services

16.1 The Website and related services will usually be available 24/7, 365 days a year, except in the case of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance which may lead to a suspension of services. In any event, Easy Diplomacy shall not be liable for any damages and/or inconveniences caused by interruptions to the Website and/or services, as no guarantee is given for the continuity of the Website, nor shall it be liable for the integrity of data memorised or sent through the Easy Diplomacy system and/or through the online network.

17. Resolution and termination

17.1 Each party may withdraw from this agreement at any time without notice.

17.2 In the event of termination of the service (for any reason), the user account will be deactivated. All data will be deleted and will not be able to be recovered or viewed, with the exception of data which must be stored in virtue of explicit legal provisions and for the duration established therein.

18. Limitation of liability

18.1 Each user and each advertiser accepts that, if certain services are provided at a fee, the sums payable by Easy Diplomacy for its own wilful misconduct or gross negligence cannot exceed the sums paid by the user or advertiser.

18.2 Nothing shall be owed in cases of minor negligence or for services provided free of charge.

18.3 Users and advertisers are held directly and fully liable for their own conduct.

19. Other regulations

19.1 If a part of these Terms is found or proves to be null and/or unenforceable, the remaining part shall remain valid and effective. The impossibility of applying any part of these Terms does not constitute a waiver in any way.

19.2 Each user and advertiser cannot transfer any of his/her rights or obligations under these Terms without the prior consent of Easy Diplomacy.

20. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

20.1 Relationships formed under this Agreement are regulated by Italian Law.

20.2 For any dispute which may arise as a result of the application or interpretation of this Agreement, the Court of Rome shall have full jurisdiction.