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#EasyTogether, THE EVENT for the Diplomatic World, as never before …

It is THE EVENT introducing Easy Diplomacy to the whole Diplomatic World. In addition to showing our proposals and competences, it allows Diplomats to meet our Team in person, to facilitate relations and meet new colleagues from all the Diplomatic Representations.

#EasyTogether is:

  • Exclusive, only for our active members registered in our portal ;
  • Designed for Sharing and Fun, to build relations and synergy, and to find inspiration;
  • Innovative, with constantly different solutions that are useful in a new and dynamic context.

It takes place at least twice a year and it is organised, alternatively, for Diplomats and their Spouses, and for the administrative and secretarial personnel.

Easy Together: Diplomacy at the table with the right setting

Rome, 29/04/2019 Did you notice that the various catering services offer Embassies always the same set-ups and formats, without conveying the real tradition of the country? How important is tradition to strengthen relations and communicate a message, in the Diplomatic World? We talked about it at the latest #EasyTogether [...]

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