Investing in Italy
  • Do you want to invest in Italy?
  • Do you know how to start your business and to register your company in Italy?
  • Do you need to hire Italian local employees?

If you are doing business in Italy you need a consultant

A foreign business that is about to invest in Italy usually contacts the Commercial Office of the Embassy for some initial guidelines.

In order to fulfill all the steps of the Italian bureaucracy, though, it is often necessary to contact experienced consultants in Italy who can provide assistance and support on legal, commercial and fiscal matters of the internationalization of companies.

Consultancy for investments in Italy

Did you know that:

  • there is a detailed set of laws, in Italy, that a foreign business has to comply with?
  • founding a company in Italy entails providing the firm with an initial corporation stock and with a specific governance structure, as well as complying regularly with all law prescriptions?
  • there are, in Italy, different types of contracts for employed personnel that can fit the real demands of your business?

Find out more:

A solution has finally been found to bad debts and never-ending lawsuits. By using the arbitration clause in contracts drawn up by companies, a formal decision about the dispute (arbitration award) is obtained in no more than 240 days, and has the same efficacy as the ruling of an ordinary judge. And with costs that are certain and moderate, in proportion to the value of the dispute.
Civil and administrative disputes, out-of-court issues, advice in the areas of banking, finance and insurance law. Bankruptcy procedures, successions and generational problems. Telecommunications law in national and international ambits. Copyright protection.
Establishment of companies, consortia, joint ventures, trusts in Italy and overseas. Advice about all company transformation, merger and demerger operations. International fiscal planning.
Drafting and negotiating contracts. Legal forms for companies Advice on the preparation of out-of-court agreements and compositions.
For companies intending to invest in “difficult” countries, in order to safeguard the client’s interests it is possible to insert special arbitration clauses that refer the settling of any disputes to a single arbitrator or to a board of arbitration in Italy instead of a local ordinary court of law.
Feasibility study for business projects and possible search and selection of financial or strategic partners. Collaboration with leading business banks for “start-up ventures” for technologically innovative projects.
Gives advice to both companies and individuals that sometimes require the assistance of a Notary public. Relations with the notary public begin prior to stipulating the deed. The client will express his wishes, and will receive the necessary explanations.
Even when he authenticates the signatures, the notary public ensures that the content of the contract is appropriate for the legal situation and the will of those signing the deed, bringing to their attention the clauses that may be particularly onerous; he guarantees the validity and efficacy of the deed.

He is particularly expert in property transfers, successions by descent or by will, corporate documents, advising on the best solution, and warning about the dangers of agreeing on certain deeds. Amounts paid to the notary public include his professional fees and the reimbursement of taxes, duties, levies and any other expenses incurred.

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