Covid 19 in Italy: Easy Diplomacy contribution to overcome sector emergencies

Rome, 14/04/2020 In this period of closure of our normal activities, the primary needs we must reflect about globally are mainly two: Health and Economics. This is why Easy Diplomacy, which has been providing [...]

Organizing an International Conference at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Rome, 10/10/19 The IX Italy-Latin America and Caribbean Conference for a #Tailored Service How to manage smoothly the arrival, transfer and stay of 30 foreign delegations? How to guarantee the correct provision of [...]

Events in public places in Italy, how to organize them without hindrance or stress

Rome, 21/06/2019 Would you like your event to take place in one of the most important historical squares? Have you been granted the permits required to organize events in public places in Rome or [...]

From Mandela and Wojtyla to the first Embassy of South Africa to the Holy See

Rome, 30/05/2019 What are the first challenges for a new Diplomatic Representation?And what are those for South Africa to the Holy See? 25 years ago Nelson Mandela and Pope Wojtyla started diplomatic relations. Today [...]

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