Close to those who suffer and fight, Easy Diplomacy is also this

Solidarity with those most in need. With those who suffer, and those who do not get down and react even in difficult and conflict situations. Easy Diplomacy is also this.

Saturday’s 2 December event, “Men and animals, stories of humanity and empathy in times of conflict”, was a non-stop thrill in the name of humanity, solidarity and the true spirit of Christmas.
The handicraft creations made especially for this initiative, – almost all sold out! – also made it possible to get to know more closely, appreciate the beauty of only apparently distant cultures, and thus empathise with those who are suffering in these lands.

The proceeds will be donated to two recipients: the “CatMan from Aleppo” Mohammad Alaa Al’Jaleel, whom we thank for his extraordinary commitment and help to animals and children, and one of the Palestinian families who symbolises the victims of the current war.

We hope to be able to give and do more in the future. In fact, the event inaugurated the first of many other of our initiatives under the sign of solidarity.
We firmly believe that each of us must do our part. This is why the doors of the Easy Diplomacy offices will remain open until Christmas.
There is still time to make your contribution to our initiative in support of conflict victims. We are waiting for you!