From Rome to Karbala, to convey a message. Culture and Tourism to improve the Perception of the Country and attract foreign visitors and tourists.

Rome, 26th February 2024

Easy Diplomacy is visiting Karbala, Iraq, where CEO Eloisa Piermaria was invited, as a Member of the Advisory Committee, to speak at the international conference “Second conference on terrorism threat to social peace“, organised by one of the most important religious Authorities in the Country, the Holy Shrine of Iman Hussain, on 29 February and 1 March 2024.

The Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein is a sacred place, one of the most significant sites in the Islamic world. Imam Hussein is an important religious figure, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad and one of his descendants. The Holy Shrine is built over the site where, according to Shiite tradition, Imam Hussein was martyred in the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD. The site is a pilgrimage centre for millions of devoted who go there to commemorate Imam Hussein and renew their religious and spiritual commitment.

The contribution of Easy Diplomacy

The invitation results from a long-standing relationship between Easy Diplomacy and the Iraqi authorities. It is a vital sign of trust and recognition of the compnay’s expertise.
Senior international dignitaries and lecturers will attend the Conference.

Easy Diplomacy’s contribution will focus on the importance of investing in promoting cultural heritage, tourist attractions and cultural events to attract foreign visitors and improve the global perception of the Country.

Once again, Tourism is a powerful tool to enhance a country’s image and promote intercultural understanding. This is the message that Easy Diplomacy will present at the Karbala Conference.

The Conference will be followed by meetings with the Country’s most representative authorities and a visit to explore and discover first-hand the #Millennial Beauty of Iraq, ancient Mesopotamia, which means “land in the middle of rivers”.

Be ready for this great Journey, which will take us from the Tiber, to the Tigris and the Euphrates.

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