From the International Conference to combat extremisms to the New World Tourism Destination

Rome, 19th March 2024

The first Easy Diplomacy Mission in Iraq was an extraordinary experience, a deep immersion in the vast cultural, geographical, and social diversity of the Country, told in recent weeks on all our social channels.

An Iraq that in Europe, we do not even perceive and which could instead be a spokesperson for the Beauty of Islamic culture in the world, thanks to the historical and cultural richness of its glorious past and its peaceful human heritage.

It is a beauty that, if nurtured and promoted through intercultural dialogue and international collaboration, can only bear excellent fruit, and generate lasting results for all.

Joint action at international level

Eloisa Piermaria was invited, as a Member of the Advisory Committee and Representative of the Foreign Delegations, to the ‘Second International Conference to combat terrorism and extremism’ with the aim to describe and explain Europeans’ Perception of Iraq. The conference was an opportunity to present Easy Diplomacy’s Vision of Iraq as a new world tourist destination and to visit the country, which revealed many strengths unknown to the Western world.

The conference was attended by senior international dignitaries and lecturers, including the Secretary-General of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, Mr. Hassan Rasheed Jawad al-Abayjii, the Undersecretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Hisham Al-Alawi, Mr. Anees Ahmed, the United Nations Representative, Sheikh Ali Abd Zaid Hashem Al-Qaraawi, Presidential Committee of the Conference.

In her speech during the Opening Ceremony, she called extremism ‘a plague that afflicts the whole world regardless of nationality, borders, religion‘. She called the conference more than just a dialogue but a real ‘call to action. A call to mobilize our common resources, our intelligence, our networks, overcoming borders and ideologies. For joint international action’.

The Conference aimed to take an in-depth look at contemporary extremism’s dynamics and develop coordinated strategies to counter it effectively. Key objectives of the event included Information Exchange and Best Practices, International Coordination, Prevention and Deradicalisation, and Legal and Ethical Response: the fight against terrorism must not compromise democratic values and respect for the fundamental rights of all peoples, identities, and cultures.

In conclusion, the International Conference was a significant step towards a more effective and coordinated global response. The only way to successfully address this crucial challenge to global security and stability is through joint efforts and a shared vision.

Our Mission

When we were allowed to participate in such an important conference, we asked ourselves what the most effective contribution Easy Diplomacy could give to a country with an Islamic culture, at such a crucial historical, economic, and political moment in the world.

How to convey a concrete message and, above all, draw the strategic guidelines for the future of a Country like Iraq, ravaged by decades of conflict, war and political instability, which have had severe consequences on its population and development. Despite this, it is a Country that has shown remarkable resilience in recent years and is working hard to rebuild and rise again as a peaceful and prosperous nation.

The first step was to examine its reputation carefully and objectively, identifying its strengths and weaknesses.
A good analysis requires a critical approach based on reliable sources. Only by keeping an open mind and using verified sources is it possible to develop an informed opinion not influenced by fake news or emotions.

The second step was to immerse ourselves in their culture to form our opinions. To truly understand a culture, it is necessary to interact with its people and experience the context directly. This involves observation and active participation to appreciate and understand the traditions, beliefs, values, and behavior of the people belonging to that culture. Only through this direct immersion can we acquire a more complete and authentic view, enabling us to develop a well-founded and respectful opinion.

The ability to accurately identify such elements and provide constructive recommendations is vital to the success of an important project.

Iraq has shown extraordinary strengths. With its glorious past and rich cultural and social beauty, it offers an inexhaustible source of resources for its future development. While drawing on its millennial history, Iraq also projects itself as a modern and dynamic country, ready to play a vital role in the world scenario.

Improving the Country Brand: ‘Focus on your Beauty

Improving a country’s brand is a complex process involving several aspects, including global perception, reputation, culture, economy, and politics. It is crucial to adopt a holistic approach through diverse strategies to be applied in parallel.

The approach promoted by Easy Diplomacy during the conference and its stay in the country focused on the importance of investing in the promotion of cultural heritage, tourist attractions and cultural events

  • Improving the overall perception of the country
  • Generating new income and jobs for the population
  • Promoting intercultural dialogue and education thus eliminating the roots of extremism
  • Attracting foreign visitors, especially from Europe, bridging the gap with the West

It is the highest concept of tourism, which goes beyond simply visiting places of interest. It is a practice that embraces sustainability, cultural and environmental respect, the promotion of interculturalism and knowledge exchange, and fair and inclusive economic development.

Italy is a country with a high vocation for tourism, and we Italians know the benefits that tourism, in its highest sense, brings to the local people, including job opportunities, economic growth, infrastructure development, preservation of cultural heritage, promotion of local traditions and cultural exchange.

Easy Diplomacy aims to promote this way of Tourism through its Projects with foreign Countries. Especially emerging destinations, one that not only enriches the travellers’ experience but also contributes to the well-being of host communities and the preservation of visited places for future generations.

Where there is authentic Tourism, there is Prosperity for all. Where there is Prosperity for all, there is Peace. Where there is prosperity and peace, there is no breeding ground for extremism and war.

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