Angelus is a prayer recited in memory of the mystery of Incarnation: Jesus Christ taking on human form. The name comes from the Latin “Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariae” and is practised by reciting three brief texts which tell the story of the incarnation of Jesus Christ. The prayer is recited three times a day: at 6:00am, at midday and at 6:00pm, the hour in which the Angelus bell is chimed inderal kopen.

Every Sunday at midday in Saint Peter’s Square, the Pope holds a brief discourse at the end of which the Angelus is recited. The Pope’s discourse is broadcasted by various radio and television stations across the world.

From Easter Day until Pentecost, the “Regina Coeli” is recited instead of the Angelus, which is a prayer in memory of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. At the end of this prayer, the Gloria is recited three times.

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