Easy Diplomacy 6th BirthdayRome, July 5th 2017: Easy Diplomacy turns 6! It is a special birthday, to be proudly celebrated for all the results achieved, while also being conscious that we can improve more working hard, day after day, to become the best capable partners of the international community in Italy.

Six years that mark the new step forward in the growth process of the company of diplomatic services which supports the international network in Rome and in Italy since 2011. Six years made of consultancy service, customer care, attention to details, professionalism, dedication and passion. Six years of activities developing services more and more innovative and technological, as well as always in line with the most accurate diplomatic tradition.

Such an important birthday, symbol of the Easy Diplomacy evolution and development of the last years. Born from the need for making diplomatic work in our country easier, as well as providing a concrete support to the administrative offices of the Embassies, Easy Diplomacy soon became a reference point for diplomacy and much more. A company able to provide complete services to diplomatic representatives in Italy concerning both their daily routine and their implementation of functions, strengthening and supporting the Italian international diplomatic network.

Having reached its sixth birthday, Easy Diplomacy can undoubtedly consider accomplished its own trial stage. In particular, during this six-year time frame, Easy Diplomacy achieved several concrete goals, fulfilling a great evolution which brought it to choose to focus its activity on specific services. Among these activities, stand out the event organization and management, the supply of an eminent real estate service, logistic support for delegations management and the implementation of its own platform. Such platform or web portal, has always been the Easy Diplomacy’s pride: an orientation device, aimed to inform subscribers about the different services provided, but also a concrete virtual network of the foreign diplomatic world in Italy that thanks to its latest update released, allows its more than 1.400 subscribers to get advantage of its services in a more performing way.

A path of growth which led the company to succeed in the fields of its activities, standing out for its great supply and tailored services, as well as for a scrupulous protocol service and a complete operability. Thanks to a well formed and educated staff, Easy Diplomacy ensures a reserved and multi-language assistance (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish). Furthermore, being always at the customer’s disposal, Easy Diplomacy also provides focused services, through the appointment of a contact person from the staff available for any need or request. Moreover, thanks to the agreements made by Easy Diplomacy with a wide and selected network of trusted suppliers, the customer will receive a high standard and quality service, without any added cost. At the same price he would pay contacting the supplier, Easy Diplomacy ensures and includes its consulting service, a tailored assistance and its protocol know how.

An example of  success of these six years of activities was the latest Easy Together, the annual event organized by Easy Diplomacy to the whole diplomatic community in Italy. An exclusive reception that this year involved more than 300 diplomats in the unique location Tor Crescenza Castle in Rome. Hundreds of subscriptions for an event that somehow moved up this sixth birthday, and which marked a concrete acknowledgement of the potential of Easy Diplomacy by the diplomatic world, as well as the symbol of the growing interest in its activities and services. Because whether it is true that working in Rome implicates the lack of working in the city with the highest number of diplomatic representatives, it is also true that the capability to recognize and inspect favorable opportunities defines as well a challenge not less important than the ability to create them.

Such a capability, together with the careful leading of Dr. Piermaria, represent the two most important birthday gifts that Easy Diplomacy could ever receive for its sixth anniversary, making it now really ready to work and face the future for the upcoming 100 years read full report.