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Rome, 14/02/2019: There is a small and wonderful country, a stone's throw from Italy, it's called SLOVENIA. A young nation - it achieved independence only thirty years ago - with three official languages, Slovenian, Italian and Hungarian, and multiethnic and industrious society. Located in the heart of Europe, on the crossroads of the Alps, the [...]


Italy and Slovenia: investments and innovation

Rome, 07/02/2019: In February, the ICE, Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies, is organizing an interesting conference dedicated to Slovenia, during which a strategic cooperation plan will be presented, developed on a double front: the investment area - specifically the tourism infrastructure sector and the financial sector - and the innovation sector [...]

Italy and Slovenia: investments and innovation2019-02-08T16:16:01+00:00

Welcome in the new Headquarters of Easy Diplomacy

Rome, 03/01/2019: WELCOME in the new Headquarters of, in Via Donatello 79. ‘With hospitality, we mean the reception of the foreigner or of those who in general do not live in a specific place. In more detail, hospitality is based on the bond between men, on their desire to maintain firm relationships and [...]

Welcome in the new Headquarters of Easy Diplomacy2019-04-01T19:08:15+00:00

Hanji. Korean Paper for Restoration

Rome, 15th December 2016: the Ceremony of the Certificate of Validation of Hanji paper used for the restoration of ancient archives and books was held at the headquarter of ICRCPAL in Via Milano. For the event the Assisi Chartula by Saint Francis (1224) has been displayed, after being restored by the Hanji paper technique. Easy Diplomacy worked passionately to [...]

Hanji. Korean Paper for Restoration2018-05-09T17:45:28+00:00

December 2016: Sweet Holidays with Easy Diplomacy

Sweets have always been a synonym of holidays, and especially on Christmas time, when they are always at the centre of Italian dinner tables. Panettone, Pandoro and Torrone are the classic Christmas desserts in this country known as Bel Paese, along with the typical homemade sweets of each region, whose scents immediately remind us of [...]

December 2016: Sweet Holidays with Easy Diplomacy2018-04-15T09:30:55+00:00


Rome, 27 September 2016: the new tailored Service for the Diplomatic World, 'SOS DELEGATIONS', now available also on SATURDAY. It happens frequently that Representative Offices are contacted during the week end or in the evening, due to time zones or due to emergencies, to organize the Official Visit of a last minute [...]

SOS DELEGATIONS, now also on SATURDAY2018-04-15T09:30:57+00:00

Easy Diplomacy and Costa Rica

Rome, 27th May 2016 - It was held yesterday at the headquarter of Unioncamere in Piazza Sallustio the meeting of the President of Costa Rica Solìs Rivera with important Italian entrepreneurs, traders and corporations, followed by the official meeting with our President Mattarella. The visit restates the historical bonds between the two countries and underlines [...]

Easy Diplomacy and Costa Rica2018-05-08T17:46:14+00:00

Pope Francis receives the Charlemagne Prize: EU leaders in Rome

Rome, 6th May 2016: After Pope John Paul II, Francis is the second Pope who receives the Karlspreis (Charlemagne Prize), a prestigious international prize awarded each year, since 1950, by the German city of Aachen for special merits in the work for integration, unity and peace in Europe. The Prize has been awarded before the [...]

Pope Francis receives the Charlemagne Prize: EU leaders in Rome2018-04-15T09:30:57+00:00

King Harald of Norway does not shake hands with Renzi? What really happened?

Rome, 11th April - Wednesday 6th April 2016, Rome. The King of Norway Harald V was officially received at Palazzo Chigi by the Italian Head of Government Renzi. In the courtyard of honour: red carpet, soldiers in formal uniform, trumpets and honours. After the military display, the Prime Minister Renzi promptly stretched out his [...]

King Harald of Norway does not shake hands with Renzi? What really happened?2018-07-16T14:51:03+00:00