Hiring BonusRome, 07-08-2017: Easy Diplomacy, with the help of professional specialist consultants, continues to provide assistance to the Diplomatic World on labor law.
Today, we point out the Assumptive Bonus that all employers, embassies, and those who are looking for employment can benefit from.

The Lazio Region, by order of May 2nd 2017, n° G05654, is allocating 8 million euros to subsidise the companies that offer permanent or temporary employment contracts (with some specificity). The aim is to promote job placement for the unemployed and first-time-job-seekers and fostering the demand of employees by giving economic incentives to employers.

The bonus will be allocated to employers who hire:
• unemployed, as per article 19 of the Italian legislative decree 150/2015;
• job seekers, as per Circular n° 34/2015 of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies;
• people who have been granted ordinary or proxy mobility allowance, or recipients of a social security allowance.

Targets and beneficiaries
The target population includes people residing in the Lazio Region and people registered in the regional job centres.
Also immigrants who are holders of a legal residence permit may apply, provided that they meet the above listed requirements.
The beneficiaries are companies willing to offer from 1st January 2017:

• a permanent employment contract, for a maximum amount of 8 thousand euros; in case of a part-time job, the contribution shall be reduced;
• a permanent or temporary employment contract, even part time, if the employee has gone though a job placement program promoted by the Lazio Region within the regional programs POR FSE 2014/2020 and/or POR FESR 2014/2020.

Application deadline
The allocation of the bonus is not automatic; an application for the subsidy has to be submitted from 15th May 2017 until the available financial resources are exhausted, and, first of all, the company must have complied with the payment of all previous taxes.

The allocation of the bonus is reserved to employers who create jobs without reducing the existing staff, and is planned in two phases: the first instalment 6 months after recruitment, and the second one by 18 months, subject to the verification of employment levels.

The recruitment of an Apprentice can also be subsidised by the “Hiring Bonus” that can be combined with the other incentives already allocated to Apprentceships.

Therefore, if a company intends to recruit workers, this is a good opportunity to hire with an economic contribution by the Lazio Region.

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