Consulenti di diritto del lavoro

Easy Diplomacy has chosen its consultants for their:

  • professionalism and credibility
  • experience at international level
  • flexible and dynamic approach, always up to date according to the best practices

Italian employment law: consultancy for Embassies

Does your Embassy need:

  • assistance in labour law?
  • to hire local staff in Italy?
  • to re-organize personnel contracts according to current regulations?
  • a lawyer who will represent you legally before a Court?

Many Embassies expressed both their will and need to re-organize employed personnel contracts taking into account the Italian legal system as well as the related “Discipline” drafted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Easy Diplomacy has selected for you legal consultants who can provide judicial and extra-judicial advises in the field of labour law to Embassies, Consulates and International Organizations located in Italy.

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