What does being an Easy Diplomacy Member mean?

The Code of Ethics is just an invitation to reflect about the contribution that each Member can give to the Community and the benefits that is possible to take from being part of it.

Being a Member means being part of an organization which helps me to work better and allows me to develop interesting and useful (professional and interpersonal) relationships.

Being a Member means first and foremost giving in order to receive – this is so that Easy Diplomacy can continue to look after me.

I can give my contribution in different ways:

  • using the tailored services provided by Easy Diplomacy, useful for my work and for my needs
  • communicating to the staff the update of data and information useful for the Community
  • taking part to the Community Initiatives Easy Together
  • introducing Easy Diplomacy to my colleagues and inviting them to subscribe
  • adopting a positive and collaborative attitude towards Easy Diplomacy’s staff and all Members

It is thanks to my contribution that Easy Diplomacy will continue to grow so to offer me more and more efficient services. It is an opportunity that previously did not exist but of which now I want to take advantage!