During a removal, it may happen that the new destination isn’t ready to receive the delivery.

Should the customer not have enough space at home or in the office, our suppliers can provide conveniently accessible individual spaces for the storage of any type of belonging, as always with suitable packaging for their storage with complete peace of mind. For relocating locally, nationally or abroad, you can count on containers or wooden crates especially designed for short- and long-term storage of your store fixtures and personal effects. Car storage is also provided.

Ours supplier are ideal for the storage of your personal items, in a special storage system of wooden crates for guarding against humidity, especially of furniture, and allowing for greater air circulation. In addition the warehouses, fully equipped with every type of equipment for moving belongings, have electronic alarms and are guarded by a security service 24 hours around the clock, guaranteeing the utmost in security and peace of mind for customers and their belongings.

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