Easy Diplomacy has selected professionals for:

  • best insurance at the best price
  • covering of all classes of insurance
  • multilanguages staff

Easy Diplomacy has created a network of insurance advisors operating all over Italy.

The mission is to find THE advisor who work in the client’s interest in order to find the best insurance policy offered by each company.



  • Health insurance – Coverage including public hospitals and private clinics all around the world
  • Personal accident – For the insurant and his/her family, to protect them from the consequences of personal accidents and to maintain their standard of living. Available for anybody from 18 to 79 years (the policy can be signed by the day of one’s 79th birthday) in good health. This policy protects your standard of living in case of:
      • Death due to personal accident
      • Permanent Invalidity due to personal accident
      • Hospital cash insurance for: hospitalization, plastering, immobilization and suture
      • Temporary incapacity
      • Medical expenses refund
  • Travel insurance
  • Free estimate by the best insurance companies
  • Professional advisors committed to obtaining the best estimate for your car and your driving habits
  • Legal Assistance:
      • Assistance to obtain a fair refund in case of damage (such as personal injuries or damages to the vehicle or to transported objects)
      • Appeal against the possible  suspension of the driving licence due to a road accident
      • Coverage of all legal expenses  during possible criminal proceedings charged to the client for injuries to a third party
      • Activities necessary to obtain the cancellation of sequestration of a vehicle involved in a road accident
      • Objection against an administrative fine issued by the competent Authority, directly linked to the road accident
  • Driver’s personal accident:
    • Death of the insured party due to injuries caused by a traffic accident
    • Permanent invalidity due to personal accident
    • Hospitalization or Plastering, refundable to the insurant if due to personal accident caused by a traffic accident, up to a maximum of 30 days per event and 60 per year, with lump-sum allowance for the first 3 days of hospitalization or plastering
  • Breakdown service: in case of failure, the tool vehicle will bring the car to the nearest garage available. 24H Service.
Surety bond for student, tourist and work visas

Foreigners coming from non-EU countries who want to stay in Italy must give evidence of available financial means. Our suppliers offer a surety bond guaranteeing the availability of financial means without the obligation of cash deposit.

  • Impairment Liability Home – RC Casa (Impairment Liability, Fire and Theft), also for secondary residences – The home insurance may also be tailored: you can protect buildings, their content, or both. Our idea is to offer a simple policy to which extra services can be added, such as coverage for breakage or damages to the garden
  • Emergency Aid (blacksmith, plumber, electrician)
  • Professional Impairment Liability – RC Professionale
  • Event Organization Impairment Liability – RC Eventi
  • Policies for loss of employment
  • Policies for traders

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