Easy Diplomacy has selected the best suppliers for:

  • wide variety of plants and flowers
  • design, construction and maintenance of public and private spaces
  • world care and maintenance of plants and flowers

Our suppliers cooperate with a staff specialized in, as well as in preparation of gift packs, and ready to answer to any question concerning plants care.
There are a huge selection of plants and cut flowers: from evergreen to decideous plants; outdoor and indoor plants.
For gardens and vegetable gardens our suppliers offer climbing plants, herbs (thyme, lavender, rosemary, mint, sage, oregano), citrus and fruit trees and a wide selection of sprouted vegetables to grow in your own garden.
There are also a rich selection of garden accessories and products, for care and protection of flowers and plants: shears, pots, supports for climbing plants, soils, plant protection, fertilizers.


Our suppliers offer the sale or rental of plants and flowers for ceremonies and public or private events. Flower arrangement of public spaces such as theaters and exhibition spaces, private and public gardens, private homes, churches.

In particular, the nursery offers:
• Flower arrangements for weddings
• Bridal bouquet
• Church plates
• Centerpieces and compositions for ceremonies, receptions and meetings

The professionality and experience of the florists and decorators, their imagination and creativity, will make your event an unforgettable moment.

Garden & Landscape design

Design, construction and maintenance of public and private spaces:

• Creation, maintenance and green furniture for terraces and gardens
• Automatic Irrigation Systems
• Construction of wooden structures, pergolas, trellises, frangivista
• Paths and rock gardens

For your outdoor areas (gardens and terraces), our suppliers are able to realize wooden structures and gazebos in order to harmonize the presence of flowers and plants and create a beautiful space both functional ans aesthetical for daily nursing activities or social life.
The nursery provides also solutions in outdoor furniture aiming to create pleasant and quiet rooms surrounded by greenery.
They offer also supports for climbing wooden or various material and protection from the sun with drapes, wooden structures and other natural materials.
Realization of automatic watering systems for every outdoor space, both gardens terraces or balconies, as well as micro-irrigation systems for indoor spaces. Plant care will no longer be a problem: with the systems of automatic watering your green spaces will have the right amount of water in all the seasons.
Guaranteed result through the use of highly certified products in order to treate the plants that we have in care using only the best pruducts on the market.

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