Historical-political buildings in Rome: discover the Italian and Vatican Institutions with Easy Diplomacy!

Would you like to learn about the seats of the Italian and Vatican Institutions?
Easy Diplomacy organizes for you the Political-Institutional Buildings Tour with selected and professional guides!

Palazzo della CancelleriaQuirinale

Quirinale, Palazzo Chigi, Palazzo Madama, the Vittoriano,
Palazzo della Cancelleria… customize your private tour!
A 2/3 hours walk, and you can choose the language you prefer.

For info contact us:
06 32609220; info@easydiplomacy.com


Residence of Italian Embassy to the Holy See
Viale delle Belle Arti, 2
00196 Rome

Not open to general public. A written request may be sent to the Ambassador, who will decide on a case by case basis.
Switchboard: 06 3264881

Palazzo CHIGI

Seat of Italian Government
Prime Minister’s Office
Palazzo Chigi
Piazza Colonna 370
00187 Rome

Visits: free of charge, every Saturday morning from 9:00 to 13:00.
Reservation is mandatory, and the request should be made in writing well in advance to:
Visits Office: via email visite@palazzochigi.it or via fax: 06 67794122
In the request specify the desired period and time and an address for being re-contacted

Information: Ph. 06 67791


Seat of the French Embassy to Italy
Piazza Farnese, 67
00186 Rome

Visits are organized by Inventer Rome (Cultural association)

Palazzo MADAMA

Seat of Senate of the Republic
Piazza Madama
00186 Rome
Visits are free of charge and guided

Opening times: normally the first Saturday of the month (except August) – reservations are not necessary.
It is necessary to go on the same day of the visit to the porter’s lodge in P.zza Madama 11, as from 8:30.
Visits with reservation: reserved for schools, non-profit associations, organisations and embassies – it is important to phone the number given to check for availability!
The request should be sent on headed notepaper to the “Police Headquarters and Ceremonial Services” office – visits to Palaces. Fax: 06 67063513 (if necessary, specify the guide language and desired time of the visit)

Information: ph. 06 67 06 2430 or write to: visitealsenato@senato.it


Seat of Chamber of Deputies (lower house)
Piazza di Montecitorio, 1
00186 Rome

Switchboard: 06 67601

Visits: always free of charge and guided Opening hours: normally the first Sunday of the month – reservation not necessary. Simply go to the entrance on the same day of the visit from 10:00 onwards.
Visits with reservation: reserved for schools, groups, organisations and embassies. From 9:00 to about 16:30.
It is necessary to make a written request on headed notepaper to the “Security Service”, Fax: 06 67609950 (if necessary, specify the guide language and desired time of the visit).


Residence of the President of the Italian Republic
Palazzo del Quirinale
00187 Rome
Switchboard: 06 46991

Open to public: visits (not guided) every Sunday from 8:30 to 12:00 (except for some days, consult the website). Cost of ticket 5 euro (except for those under 18 or over 65).
Visits with reservation: free. Reserved for schools, groups, organisations and embassies.
It is necessary to submit a written request on headed notepaper to the “Superintendency Service”, Via della Dataria, 96 – 00187 Rome. Fax: 06 4699 3125 (specify the desired day and time of the visit. Guide possible only in Italian or English).

Palazzo SPADA

Seat of the State Council
Piazza Capo di Ferro, 3
00186 Rome

Visiting times: 10:30, 11:30 e 12:30. Cost of ticket: € 15; € 6 for guided tour + € 5 for entry ticket to Galleria Spada
Reservation by telephone is mandatory only for groups and for the first Sunday of the month (the only opportunity to see the famous and colossal Statue of Pompey the great). Ph. 06 6832409


Used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a seat of representation to host diplomatic receptions, conferences, congresses and other institutional activities.
Free visits: from Monday to Friday, in the morning and further to mandatory reservation, at least 15 days prior to the desired date of the visit, to the secretariat of the Diplomatic Ceremonial of the Republic.
It is necessary to specify the number and names of single participants, their place and date of birth and details of their ID documents.


Seat of Province of Rome
Via IV Novembre 119/A
00187 Rome

Visits: every day from 9:30 to 6:30pm (except Tuesdays and some days, consult website) with limited entry.
Cost of ticket: 6 euro (reservation optional, 1.50 euro per person).
Embassies and institutions can contact the Ceremonial Office for private or special visits to Palazzo Valentini and to the new archaeological area Domus Romane beneath the Palace.

Information: 06 22761280