Diplomatic Ceremonial of the Republic c/o the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Piazzale della Farnesina, 1
00135 Rome

Switchboard: (+39) 06 36911

Head of Ceremonial: Plenipotentiary Minister Riccardo GUARIGLIA
Secretariat of Ceremonial: 06 3691 4284

The Diplomatic Ceremonial consists of three offices, each with its own specific powers.
To quickly find the Office search for the dossier in the table below:

Accreditation of Mission Chiefs Office I
Accreditation of Diplomatic and Consular Corps Office II
General Affairs Consular Corps and International Organisations Office II
General Affairs Diplomatic Corps Office I
Diplomatic, consular and International Organisations identity cards Office II
Disputes with foreign representations Office II
VAT exemptions and immunities for CD and CC accredited in Italy, with the Holy See and International Organisations Office I
Agréement of Mission chiefs Office I
Immunity of Diplomatic and Consular Corps and International Organisations Office II
Ceremonial rules Office I
Honours Office II
Privileges Office I
Security for the Embassy on the occasion of official and unofficial ceremonies Office I
CD and CC vehicle registration plates Office I
Translating and interpreting Office III
Travel and State visits in Italy and abroad Office III