The employer is required to inform Inps of any subsequent changes to the employment relationship agreed to with the worker, i.e. in the event of:

  • dismissal
  • the worker’s resignation
  • conversion of employment contract

All communications regarding the employment relationship with the domestic worker must be done:

  • online, on the website Documents needed: PIN code (Personal Identification Number) and tax code, filling in the appropriate forms
  • via contact center, calling INPS/INAIL toll-free number 803 164. Documents needed: PIN or National Services Card (CNS)

PIN code: after requesting it online or via the contact center, INPS will send to the employer by mail only the first eight digits of this code. To obtain the missing digits it is necessary to:

  • Go to the site and the link “Activate PIN” and be in possession of the Tessera Sanitaria (TS, health insurance card), which provides the necessary information
  • if you do not have the TS, it is possible to contact toll-free number 803 164, in order to receive the digits by mail

National Services Card (CNS, info in Italian): a digital document with which it is possible to gain access to the online services of Italy’s Public Administration.