All foreign citizens are entitled to healthcare in Italy, a service provided by the Italian Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (NHS – National Heath Service). It is possible to obtain healthcare and medical services through:

Having registered with the NHS, foreign citizens receive the TEAM card, i.e. European Health Insurance Card, entitling them to receive medical care in the same way as Italian citizens.

Foreign citizens not registered with NHS

Foreign citizens not registered with NHS and not having sufficient financial means are in any case guaranteed casualty/outpatient services, emergency hospital care or continuous care for diseases or injuries and preventive medicine programmes (e.g. vaccinations) in accredited public or private facilities.

Services guaranteed:

  • pregnancy and maternity
  • children’s health
  • vaccinations
  • international prophylaxis
  • prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases

Staff of Diplomatic-Consular Representations: Voluntary registration

The staff of diplomatic or consular offices (EU or non-EU) are entitled to voluntary registration with the NHS, or may alternatively take out a private health insurance policy for injury and sickness risks.
In the same category are EU citizens who are:

  • employees of International Organisations operating in Italy
  • students
  • clergy or similar
  • au pairs
  • elective residence permit holders

For more details contact your local ASL.

With regard to healthcare, one should also distinguish between:
EU citizens
Non-EU citizens