Tax Code and Health Insurance Card are among the first documents the Diplomat needs in Italy.

Tax code (C.F.)

The Tax Code is a set of alphanumerical digits identifying the citizen in relations with public bodies and administrations.

It is essential when:

  • requesting a Health Insurance Card
  • registering with the National Health Service
  • activating utilities (electricity, gas, etc.)
  • being hired as subordinate workers
  • opening a self-employed business
  • opening a current account at a bank
  • filing tax returns
  • issuing invoices with VAT and (official) receipts
  • effecting deeds of sale, purchase, succession and donation
  • registering deeds, applying for cadastral changes, transcription and entry notes in real estate registers
  • requesting changes in the public automobiles register
  • filing applications for authorisations, concessions, licences, registration with Chamber of Commerce and professional registers, identity card

Where to apply:
The tax code is obtained from the Inland Revenue Agency upon presentation of a valid ID document (for foreigners a passport or residence permit is required).

In greater detail:

  • the Municipality attributes a tax code to newborns when they are registered with the Registry Office
  • Consulates attribute a tax code to Italian citizens residing overseas
  • The Questura (police headquarters) and Single Desk for immigration (SUI) attribute a tax code to foreign citizens

Health Insurance Card (T.S.)

The Health Insurance Card (T.S.) is a card containing the citizen’s Tax Code and personal details, while the TEAM card (European Health Insurance Card) is the back of the Health Insurance Card.

This card is issued to citizens (Italians, EU citizens and non-EU citizens) residing in Italy and registered with the National Health Service (SSN in Italian), entitling the holder to obtain healthcare services in Italy and in other countries of the European Community.

The staff of diplomatic or consular offices are entitled to register voluntarily with the SSN, accordingly they do not have to request the Team card.

Where to apply:
The Health Insurance Card may be requested from the ASL of residence.
If the EU citizen is domiciled in Italy (e.g. for work reasons), but resides abroad, he must supply documentation attesting to the domicile, or rental contract and employment contract (or enrolment on study course for students).

The following documentation must be presented:

  • For EU citizens: Tax Code + valid ID document + rental contract + employment contract (if the EU citizen is staying for a period of less than 3 months, he does not need to register with the SSN, unless he is a worker with a legal employment contract)
  • For non-EU citizens: Tax code + valid ID document + rental contract + employment contract + residence permit
  • For the staff of diplomatic or consular offices: tax code + valid ID document + rental contract + certification from Diplomatic Representation attesting to the applicant’s employment at the diplomatic seat in question

In such cases an annual contribution/tax is payable, depending on yearly income and subject to reciprocity agreements.

Registration with the NHS (SSN in Italian) may be very advantageous for some specialist medical examinations and for those requiring frequent medical checkups. The NHS covers the higher healthcare costs.

A duplicate of the Health insurance card should be requested directly from the Inland Revenue Agency or relevant ASL. To request the tax code and health insurance card for family members, the procedure is the same as the one given above.

For more details and explanations contact your ASL of residence or domicile. For any other information you can call the number 800 030 070.

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