The recognition of academic qualifications may be requested for professional purposes, recognition being needed to practise a profession in Italy, without it being treated as equivalent to an Italian qualification. Powers regarding professional recognition are assigned to the Ministries overseeing single professions.

For further information contact the

Dipartimento delle Politiche Europee
(Department of Community Policies of the Prime Minister’s Office)
Largo Chigi, 19 – 00187  Roma
Tel: 06 67791
Fax: 06 67795342/5326


Dipartimento della Funzione Pubblica
(Public Administration Department)
Corso Vittorio Emanuele 116 – Roma
Tel: 06 68991

For the qualifications of students in compulsory education, it is not necessary to request equivalence but, in order to place the student in the most appropriate class, it is necessary to present the documentation specified in Enrolling at a State school.