The application for enrolling at a state school should be presented directly to the chosen school. Applications are accepted up to the maximum number of places available in single schools. Even if the application is not accepted, the family in question will receive a communication from the school.

Disabled students

The application for disabled students must be accompanied by certification from the ASL (local health authority) attesting to the disability.

Foreign students

Foreign students, both EU and non-EU, may apply for a place, even those without a residence permit, at any time of the year. Students not in possession of a residence permit are enrolled subject to their gaining legal residence. This does not affect the awarding of the final qualification unless the administration ascertains that the identifying data provided by the student when enrolling was false.
To facilitate acceptance of the application and placement in the most appropriate class, we suggest that you ask the school secretariat for the specific documents to be attached to the application.

The following documentation must generally be presented:

  • birth certificate
  • residence permit in Italy of parents and children
  • vaccination certificate
  • certificate attesting to past schooling, translated and validated by Italian Consulate to the country of origin
  • for upper secondary school payment of enrolment fee, barring cases of exemption