Equivalence is the procedure by which the equivalence of a qualification obtained overseas with a qualification of Italy’s schooling/educational system is recognised.

Where and how to request equivalence

Equivalence recognition should be requested at the school (or at the Italian University) that will deal with the procedure.

The documentation to be attached to the request includes:

  • admission application to the School headmaster/University chancellor
  • original copies of qualifications
  • certificate of examinations taken, complete with dates and places of exams
  • syllabus of each exam
  • possible certificate proving knowledge of Italian
  • three photographs (one authenticated for non-EU citizens residing overseas).

Documents must be officially translated and legalised by the Italian consular representation in the country in which the qualification was awarded. The same representation will also issue the “certificate of equivalence of qualification”, without which the qualification cannot be recognised. Single Schools/Universities are entitled to conduct their own appraisals.