Among the other organisms of the Roman Curia, mention should be made of the Prefecture of the Papal Household and a summary of its functions, particularly those of interest for Diplomatic Representations.

Prefecture of the Papal Household

The Prefecture of the Papal Household is responsible for the internal organisation of the Papal Household, particularly the apartment of the Supreme Pontiff and connected rooms. Its main functions are:

  • to collaborate with the Diplomatic Representations for the submission of Letters of Credence of the Ambassadors
  • to prepare pontifical ceremonies, in accordance with the Secretariat of State and the Papal Liturgical Celebrations Office
  • to organise the Pontiff’s movements within Rome and Italy
  • to organise private, special and general Papal audiences, in accordance (depending on the circumstances) with the Secretariat of State (read more on Wednesday General Audience)

Prefect of the Papal Household: His Excellency Most Reverend Monsignor Georg GÄNSWEIN
Regent: Rev. Father Leonardo SAPIENZA

Opening hours:
from Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 1:30pm

Phone: +39 06 69883114
Fax: +39 06 69885863

How to book tickets for a hearing or liturgical celebration

For the the Diplomatic Body: to participate in Papal audiences or liturgical celebrations, the Diplomatic Body must communicate (upon receipt of the relevant Note Verbale) the names of participating diplomatic officials to the Secretariat of State. For all other tickets, including public figures and family members, the Embassy must contact the Prefecture, which will decide which tickets to assign based on the guest in question.

For the pilgrims: pilgrims can book tickets via fax: +39 06 6988 5863, by entering:

  • the date of the general audience
  • the names and contact details of attendees
  • the number of tickets required

For further information and to download the request form, click here.

For everyone: tickets are free and must be collected directly from the relevant Office located inside the Bronze Doors (Topographical Map no.1). Tickets should be collected at the following times:

  • for Wednesday General Audiences: from 3:00pm to 7:00pm of the day before, or on the same morning of the Audience from 7:00am to 10:00am
  • for ceremonies: the day before the celebration or as communicated by the Prefecture

N.B. Tickets for the General Audience can also be obtained without a booking by going directly to the Bronze Doors. This is, of course, subject to availability. Please also allow time for queuing.

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