We shall begin with one or two pointers for local technical and administrative staff of the Embassy’s secretariat entering the diplomatic world for the first time.

The Authority or superior is granted the side of honour, namely the right side.

On the occasion of an event (e.g. a reception) decorations awarded by the country one is the guest of are worn.

End of Mission period
Take your leave of colleagues, friends and acquaintances by sending letters or, more commonly, by offering a farewell reception.

Greeting cards
On the occasion of festivities it is customary to send greeting cards to one’s circle of acquaintances.

It is up to the Authority to give his/her hand; and up to the youngest or lowest in rank to salute the more senior person or superior. Nevertheless, a man must always be the first to greet a lady.

Invitation to breakfast or lunch
It is good practice, prior to or after the invitation, to thank the hostess with a card or flowers, and to return the invitation after a reasonable length of time.

Offering place
A man always offers his place and gives way to a lady. If seated, he stands up when a lady or a superior enters the room, and remains standing until the latter has taken his/her place.

One should never leave a reception before the guest of honour leaves.

The youngest or lowest in rank is presented to the more senior or superior, always pronouncing the titles accompanying the name.

Never make the highest person in rank wait.


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