The invitation card must be sent well in advance.

In the event of Authorities, a letter is delivered by hand to the direct collaborator of the invited person.

Invitations may be for:

  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • dinner
  • buffet, cocktail party, reception, concert or any other event

Invitations are usually drafted in the third person, entering – in handwriting – the title, name and function of the person being invited (e.g. H.E. Mr. xy, Ambassador of NN). It is necessary to indicate also the date, time and place of the meal, and possibly suitable clothing for the occasion.

If the invitation and acceptance have been anticipated by telephone, the card subsequently sent shall contain the initials “p.m.”, meaning “pour mémoire”. If on the other hand the guest is invited directly via the invitation card, the initials R.S.V.P. (“répondez s’il-vous-plait”) will appear, followed by an address to reply to. If necessary, further information may be attached to the invitation card (road directions to reach the place, details of the event, the occasion being celebrated, and so on).

It is good manners to reply promptly. If within 48 hours of the event a reply has still not been received from the invited persons, the invitation is deemed to have been refused.