Rome, 14/02/2019: There is a small and wonderful country, a stone’s throw from Italy, it’s called SLOVENIA. A young nation – it achieved independence only thirty years ago – with three official languages, Slovenian, Italian and Hungarian, and multiethnic and industrious society. Located in the heart of Europe, on the crossroads of the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Karst, is the only country whose name contains the word “LOVE“! ”

Slovenia is the first country in the world to have been declared a green destination according to the standards of the Green Destinations organization, with its over 11,000 caves and the Pannonian plateau, rich in thermal water springs. Its capital, Ljubljana, has been awarded the title of European Green Capital 2016. But more than anything today, Slovenia is #tourism, #investment, #innovation.

This was discussed last February 14th thanks to a full day initiative promoted by the Slovenian Tourist Board, in synergy with the Sales Office of the Embassy, an initiative launched in the morning with a conference at the ICE headquarters and culminated in an evening event in a prestigious historical location in the heart of Rome.

It is on this occasion that the hashtag #IfeelsLOVEenia has become a reality. The evening, which concluded the daytime meeting at the ICE on the subject of business and strategic investments, was inaugurated by His Excellency the Ambassador BENKO which was followed by a presentation full of contents, led by Dr. OTA, Head of the Representative Office in Italy of the Tourist Board of Slovenia, and that has really made to perceive to the present auditorium all the energy of a fast-growing country to be discovered!

Thanks to the interesting interventions all the guests have been able to get in touch with the Slovenian reality, rich in natural settings of enormous beauty, from the water with incredible thermal and beneficial properties, to the mild and sunny climate and to genuine products. All this, and much more, makes Slovenia a leading country in terms of sustainable tourism and protection of cultural and natural heritage.
Another important issue addressed during the evening was that of investments, mainly in tourism infrastructure and financial sector, which represent a unique opportunity for Italian entrepreneurs, given the economic growth trends of the country beyond the favorable tax incentives.
Thus, a fully-fledged Slovenia, young modern and innovative, which wisely enhances not only culture and nature, but also emerging businesses and new and sustainable forms of economic cooperation.

In this context, Easy Diplomacy intervened to help the client to transmit and enhance his ‘message’. Our starting point was, as often happens when organizing a turnkey event, the selection of the location where both the presentation of the country and the reception should have taken place.

So we opted for a historic place, a 16th-century building overlooking Piazza Colonna and Palazzo Chigi, right in the heart of historic-political Rome. The goal was to give a unique experience to the guests who were visiting the capital for the first time. A perfect union, the history of Rome and Italy on the one hand, modernity, innovation and Slovenian energy on the other.
In this wonderful setting we have given space and voice to the client, providing a high-impact projection in one of the most beautiful rooms of the Palace, equipped for the occasion with high-tech instruments in order to ensure the best visibility and the best acoustics what Slovenia had to promote and offer.

And the cocktail ?! The intent was to give a pleasant gastronomic experience, favoring a winning combination of flavors and cultures. Thus, the unmissable Made in Italy culinary specialties, proposed in an elegant and refined key, alternated with those of Slovenia, to which an entire room of the Palace was dedicated: from the famous wines such as Zelen and Burja to the selection of meats high quality, then finish with the Kremsnite, delicious sweets.
We are all passionate about this beautiful country and in our offices, we still talk about Slovenia and what the evening managed to send us. Now also Easy Diplomacy #feelsLOVEnia!

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