Rome, 28/11/2018

When temperatures drop, decorations and multi-coloured lights adorn all squares, and trains are packed with passengers heading to their home towns it means only one thing: the festive season is here and the warmth of the Italian spirit truly is about to peak!

Whether the festivities are celebrated for secular or religious reasons, the mandatory word is only one: conviviality. Around the table Italians love to show their worldwide famous style in all its sides: art and craftsmanship, passion and care, imagination and creativity, the sense for family and sharing. And of course all of them are wisely seasoned with a good dose of tasty traditions.

Nowadays, many already know our most popular Christmas recipes, from Pandoro to Panettone, through the famous Prosecco, the sparkly wine for toasts! But the Italian party table is much more than that and its cuisine is invaded by many strictly local specialties. Not just every region has its typical Christmas dish, but every city, every village, every family.

Flavours mixed with memories take us back in time, keep us together and make us rediscover, year after year, the party spirit, the pleasure of being together, the passion for our most authentic and true values. It is about taste and flavours, but above all it is an unforgettable atmosphere of warmth and closeness. It is this warm atmosphere that Easy Diplomacy has decided this year to propose to the Diplomatic Representatives in Rome. Among our suggestions for your festive receptions you will find traditional recipes, genuine and seasonal ingredients and the real Made in Italy taste and expertise. Because culture also lives on the table, and Italians know this pretty well! Hot Offer Cocktail Festive Season 2018

On the TOP OFFERS page reserved to our Members, you will find new menus inspired by our tradition, plus the exceptional ‘WINTER WONDERLAND‘ initiative, a special FREE GIFT by Easy Diplomacy to add a touch of magic to your festive cocktail, whether at home or at the Embassy! Let the 2018 party season begin!

Warm and heartfelt greetings from
the Easy Diplomacy Team!

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