The centres of many Italian cities are protected by a “ZTL“, a limited traffic zone, created with a view to regulating traffic and protecting cities’ historical and artistic heritage. In very large cities, such as Rome, there may be more than one ZTL zone. To access ZTL zones with one’s automobile it is necessary to observe the opening times – day and night – established by the Municipality of Rome or be in possession of a special permit to enter the city centre. This permit is issued if certain requirements are met.

Who can apply for ZTL permit

The citizen who is domiciled, resides or works in a ZTL zone may apply for a permit in order to circulate in limited traffic zones. The necessary documentation is indicated in the application form, which varies according to the class of applicant. In order to obtain the permit, the domiciled citizen must reside outside the province of Rome.

The permit is valid for one year and can be used for a single automobile.

Who to contact

Documents must be accompanied by the correct application form, and can be presented as follows:

  • Taking documentation to the Public Office
  • Sending all documents by mail, addressed to “Roma servizi per la Mobilità – Sportello al Pubblico – Piazzale degli Archivi, 40 00154 Roma Eur”
  • Sending documentation by fax to: +39 06 4695.6660
  • N.B. As from 5 March 2012 it is also possible to present the request directly via the Internet, by registering with the website

All information can be requested calling the Telephone number 06 57003.

The procedure for presenting the request is the same as that given for Street parking permit.

Provisional permit

The following classes may request a free daily provisional permit for Rome city centre:

  • Italian Mayors
  • Presidents of Italian regions and provinces
  • Taxis licensed for zones outside the Municipality of Rome
  • Disabled
  • Physicians on urgent calls
  • NCC (car rental with driver) of the Province of Rome.

Simply call the ATAC number: 06 57 003 (Agenzia per la mobilità), which will enter via telephone the registration plate of the automobile with which the above categories intend to enter the city centre.

The same service can be requested, but against payment, in the following cases:

  • Loading and unloading of goods
  • Maintenance work.

The Diplomatic Corps

Diplomatic and Consular Representations can contact the Ceremonial of the Republic (Office I) to receive the ZTL pass. The yearly cost is €550, plus revenue stamp.