For water supplies and refuse collection services it is necessary to contact one’s Municipality of residence. For Rome the following companies operates:

For a new subscription or to request a subscription transfer (a change of name of the party entering into the contract for an already active supply), it is necessary to contact ACEA by telephone: 800 130 331 or follow the instructions on its website. Have ready your identity document, tax code and document attesting to ownership or lease of the property.

You must register with AMA within 90 days of occupying the property, filling in the relative paper-based form or going online and sending it by mail or via fax, complete with a photocopy of the owner’s or lessee’s ID document. Information should be given on the owner/lessee, any cohabitants and the property. For more information call the number 800 867035 or the number of the Municipality of Rome, 060606.