Non-EU citizens residing overseas may apply for the following facilities and financial contributions:

  • study scholarships made available by the Italian government
  • scholarships awarded by the country of origin

Information on procedures, requirements and deadlines for presenting applications may be requested from the relevant Italian diplomatic-consular representation of your country.

Non-EU citizens that have already obtained a residence permit may apply not only for the above scholarships but also for all types of economic support at the disposal of Italian citizens: meal vouchers, free school meals, accommodation, non-interest-bearing loans, scholarships, tax exemptions, etc.

These services are partly managed by Agencies for DSU (Right to University Study) and partly by Higher Education institutes. The type of facility and of grant and details and procedures for making the application should be checked by contacting the above institutes.

In view of the lack of available means, facilities are accessible only through public competitions and based on precise merit and income criteria, as specified in the D.P.C.M. of 9 April 2001.