Secondary school in Italy is divided into Junior Secondary School and Senior Secondary School.

Junior Secondary School (middle school)

After graduating from primary school, students can start to attend junior secondary school (middle school). At the end of the established three years, students must undertake a national examination to be awarded their middle school certificate (or junior secondary school diploma) which enables them to enrol in senior secondary school institutes.
The final mark is given out of ten, from 6 to 10 cum laude.

Senior Secondary School (high school)

Senior Secondary School offers a wide choice of educational courses:

  • academic secondary school (artistic, classic, linguistic, museum-related and choral, scientific, human sciences)
  • professional institutes (hospitality, industry and craft)
  • technical institutes (economics, technology)

All courses are divided into two two-year periods and a final fifth year. Students can choose whether to undertake a two-year course (to complete their schooling obligations)or the five-year course. At the end of the fifth year, students undertake the examination to achieve their diploma which they require to enrol in University. The final mark is given out of 100, from 60 to 100.