It is fundamental for the children of diplomatic officers to be able to continue with their studies even when they are living abroad.

For its crucial influence on the whole life of a person, education is a critical matter for every parent willing to provide their children with the best available tool to live a meaningful life. And if finding the best schools is hard work for everybody, it is even more challenging for families of diplomats, involved in frequent relocations to countries of different cultures, beliefs, lifestyles.

Looking for international schools is surely the best solution: while letting students get to know, live and socialise with other children of all nationalities, international schools also allow them learn in global and local contexts. Such is the main objective, for instance, of the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB), which is internationally recognised by the best universities in the world for its exceptional teaching method, and it is provided by the best international schools.

Thanks to a constant confrontation with its members and in collaboration with the most prestigious international schools, Easy Diplomacy is able to offer an in depth consultancy service to Diplomats with children, helping them to find the best school and take into account all details, from the most suitable teaching method and programme to the ‘diplomatic clause’.