L’Osservatore Romano is the official newspaper of the Vatican City State, where its head office is located, and provides information on the activities and main events of the Holy See, reports the discourses of the Pope and describes his travels in Italy and abroad. It is published in various languages and is issued daily in Italian and weekly in: English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German and monthly in Polish.

The current Editor is Giovanni Maria VIAN.

Editorial Office Contact Details:
Tipografia Vaticana – Editrice “L’Osservatore Romano”
00120 Città del Vaticano – (Topographical Map no. 46)
Tel: +39 06 69883461
Fax: +39 06 69883675
e-mail: ornet@ossrom.va

Subscriptions Office:
Tel: +39 06 69899480
e-mail: info@ossrom.va

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