Patronage is an institution’s or an organisation’s support for an initiative deemed to be particularly relevant and praiseworthy. It may be granted by all institutional bodies, regions, local authorities and public bodies. The granting of patronage does not imply use of the official emblem or logo, for which a specific request must be made.

The patronage of the President of the Republic goes under the name High Patronage, a term reserved exclusively for the Head of State. It is granted for an event of national relevance deemed to be worthy based on a set of requirements, and may be of the type:

  • ex-lege: ordered by law, as for the Red Cross
  • permanent: elapsing at the conclusion of the President’s term of office
  • joint: with another Head of State for international events

Suitable and relevant requirements are fundamental for government Patronage or the patronage of other representative organisations. The evaluation of suitability is coordinated by the competent offices of different public bodies.

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