On the occasion of official ceremonies, the Diplomatic Ceremonial of the Italian Republic sends a Note verbal to Diplomatic Representations to the Italian State, giving details of the ceremony: date, time and place, required clothing, with or without spouse, possible collection of badge for diplomatic vehicle, etc. The two most important ceremonies celebrated annually at the Quirinale are Republic Day and New Year greetings.

National Italian Republic Day

National Italian Republic Day (restored as a bank holiday with Law 336 of 20.11.2000), celebrated on 2 June. On that occasion, in the gardens and rooms of the Quirinale, the Head of State offers a reception to the High Offices of the State and the Diplomatic Corps to the Quirinale. The ceremony can be organised on a larger or smaller scale, accordingly the presentation of the Diplomatic Corps, presence of spouses, formal conversations with guests or a concert may or may not go ahead. In the latter case the ceremony is staged in the following order: National anthem – Concert – Reception.

Christmas and New year greetings

At the end of December, for the exchange of Christmas and New Year greetings, the President of the Republic receives the Diplomatic Corps all together. Usually this ceremony does not involve spouses. The Doyen usually salutes the Head of State in the name of the Diplomatic Corps, greetings that are returned by the President of the Republic. The ceremony is followed by refreshments.