Easy Diplomacy has selected the best photographers for:

  • long professional experience
  • specializing in Wedding & Event photography
  • care detail and excellent customer service

Event Photography

Our photographers have an extensive experience with photographing different kind of events from institutional ones to business meetings, conferences, corporate events, exhibitions and fashion shows.
The custom corporate photography service that they offer, takes into consideration the specific needs and requirements of each client. The main objective is to document the event but also to provide useful and high-quality photographic material for brochures elaboration or websites, advertisements, and internal documents usage. Through their professional approach, our suppliers are ables to highlight and capture through images all the important aspects and participants transmitting the atmosphere of the event and delivering its messages.

Wedding Photography

Our suppliers combine elegant style, outstanding professionalism, and technical excellence. They are not only experts in wedding photography but a storyteller. Through their creative approach, they are able to transform in art even the most subtile moments of your special day. Every smile and every little gesture will be captured in unforgettable images. At the same time, the pictures of your Wedding Day will be unique and very personal expressing your style and personality.

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