biennale danza 2018Rome, 22/06/2018

Breath, strategy and subversion, the 12th International Festival of Contemporary Dance directed by Marie Chouinard within Venice Biennale opens today and runs until July 1st. Music, choreography, innovation, study, improvisation, public participation: this event will see performance not only by world-renowned professionals in dance and choreography, but also students and the audience.

Among the most prominent names Israel Galván with his contemporary flamenco, the “choreographic concerts” of Frédérick Gravel, and Xavier Le Roy with the world premiere of “Le Sacre du Printemps”. The most original combinations of dance, theatre, art and music are ready to invade the lagoon, where several shows will have their international debut.

Stuart Monteiro

Meg Stuart and Marlene Monteiro Monteiro

The Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement will be awarded on the opening day of the festival, June 22, to the American dancer and choreographer Meg Stuart, renowned for her improvisation projects, solos, large-scale choreographies, and site-specific installations featured in galleries and exhibitions such as Documenta X in Kassel. According to the award motivations, Meg Stuart was chosen for “having developed a new language and new method for each creation, collaborating with artists working in different disciplines and moving between dance and theatre. Through improvisation (a fundamental aspect of her practice), Stuart has explored physical and emotional states and the memories of them. Seeking ever new contexts and new territories to explore, her work has continuously redefined itself”.

The Silver Lion will be awarded on June 28th to dancer and choreographer Marlene Monteiro Freitas from Cape Verde, considered one of the finest talents of her generation and famous for the “Dionysian power of her productions”, the dancer has been chosen because her “hybrids musically and joyfully blur the boundaries of the aesthetically correct. Working on the emotions rather than on the sense, the choreography opens the imagination and the self to its wild multiplicity”.

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Download the Biennale Danza full programme.

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