Tax advice

Tax advice

Tax advice

“In giving you my thanks, I hope these few lines can tell you about the positive experience I had with you.

Following a tax assessment by the Inland Revenue regarding unpaid taxes by personnel operating at an Embassy, ​​I was able to ask Easy Diplomacy for advice.

Apparently the problem seemed to be complex, and by doing various searches on the internet and consulting various professionals in the sector, the issue was apparently complicated and unsuccessful.

I explained the problem to Easy Diplomacy, which I met through its website and did not hesitate to call since the first contact I appreciated the willingness to face the problem.

I was immediately directed free of charge to the expert consultant in Easy Diplomacy taxation, equally available and professional článek. The case to date has been positively resolved, also on the motivations produced, and the Inland Revenue has totally canceled the assessment in question.

I thank Easy Diplomacy, which was a reliable reference for me in the face of an initial loss for a completely abstract subject. ”

Americo Anticoli, at the Istituto San Luigi dei Francesi