Do you need Visa for Italy for tourism, business or studying purposes?

Learn more about Easy Diplomacy “Migration” Service!

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  • Multilingual support: Italian, English, Spanish
  • For Embassy or Consulate, Company or Private

Documents and visas to Italy

Visa application, documents legalization, Citizenship application, how to enter and to stay in Italy: supporting a foreigner who wants to visit and stay in Italy under the National and Communitarian Law it’s not easy. Actually it can be very stressful, with some hidden tricks and difficulties. In few words, understanding how to deal with the immigration sector by following the Italian and the European regulations it’s quite a challenge.

Therefore, Easy Diplomacy offers its new “Migration” service, a fully integrated support for the immigration process, dedicated to anyone who will be interested in coming to Italy. We offer a professional advice and assistance, in order to fulfill the terms of law with the required procedures.

These are some of the paperwork we can take care of:

  • Citizenship
  • Documents legalization
  • Short-term Schengen or national Visa
  • Long-term Visa
  • Family reunification
  • Embassy Housekeeper
  • Permit of stay application
  • Marriage authorization
  • Italian criminal and police records, certificate of pending proceedings


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