Easy Diplomacy has selected the best suppliers for:

  renovation and maintenance of large buildings and representative offices
  interior and exterior design with redevelopment of work spaces
  District Office and Government Department construction permits

Our suppliers are able to propose management solutions and reorganization of the office spaces with the aim of making them more comfortable, effective and above all suitable for the working activity of today’s Diplomatic World.
Their personalized advice allows the customized design of the environments and functional areas according to the specific needs of the customer taking into consideration all the problems relating to the various types of offices, from the consular section to the chancellery, up to the representative salons.

The service is highly professional, tailored and turnkey and includes the management of the entire design process:

  • from the inspection and the initial evaluation of the project
  • to the development of the concept
  • up to the actual planning and the final realization

Planning and permits: we facilitate you with the Italian bureaucracy

It is not possible to renovate or redevelop a property or start any project in this area without first obtaining the necessary permits. To name just a few:

Estate agent holding house keys over a contract

  • Land registry documents and certificates of practicability
  • Fire Prevention Certificates
  • Energy Certification
  • Sworn appraisals, property and land estimates
  • Nulla Osta at the Cultural Heritage Superintendence for the restoration of historic buildings
  • Permits at the Council, Police and Fire Fighters
  • Consulting and administrative practices at local authorities
  • Practice evasion Building amnesty

The verification of the urban planning/cadastral/structural state of the building (so-called property photography) is, therefore, the first step to be taken and the biggest obstacle to overcome … it is fought with the Italian bureaucracy and the Easy Diplomacy consultants know how to face and manage this arduous task!

Renovation and maintenance

Our experts combine state-of-the-art techniques with high-quality materials in an environmentally-friendly way as they are ecological, natural, breathable, non-toxic and odorless.

Their core business is:

  • architectural restoration including facades
  • restoration and restoration of buildings
  • interior and exterior flooring and coating services
  • painting or varnishing
  • supply of scaffolding for the building industry
  • realization of electrical and thermo-hydraulic systems

Health and safety at the workplace

Renovating a property also means making it safe for those who live or work there, so we must also take into account:

  • Emergency, Evacuation and Prevention Plans: Elaboration of all the necessary documentation of emergency evacuation and prevention plans at the workplace in line with the Legislative decree September, 19th 1994, n° 626 and the related integrations
  • Emergency plan development
  • Emergency evacuation planning guide development
  • Fire safety training
  • Workplace safety inspections
  • Inspection and evaluation of the use of display screen equipment
  • Inspection and evaluation of the workplace technical equipment
  • Workplace noise measurement

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